Bone densitometry test

Bone densitometry or osteodensitometry is a screening method for osteoporosis, or bone mass loss. This medical examination measures the calcium load of bones.

Low bone density is an excellent indicator for fracture risk, either for compression of vertebrae or fractures of the neck of the femur.

This technique uses very low-dose X-ray.

“The radiologist performs this examination in menopausal women or people with unusual fractures. This test quantifies bone mass and evaluates progression under treatment prescribed by the treating physician in the case of osteoporosis.”

Progress of the procedure

The staff of the centre looks after the patient when conducting the examination, which is done in a lying down position without injection or anaesthesia. Measurements are taken on the lumbar spine, femoral neck and wrist.

Things to know: Bone densitometry is completely painless. The examination lasts 20 minutes.


There are no contraindications and no side effects from bone densitometry.